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Summer on the Farm

August…. Lots of planting and planning during this very hot summer month of August. We planted more pumpkins than we want to count, lots and lots of zinnias, celosia and sunflowers.

On the planning side, we're preparing a calendar of events for the rest of the year and even into 2023….oh my the days are going fast!

Trying to keep the deer at bay with old sweaty farm t shirts, Irish spring soap and human hair….yeah weird but so far, effective.

Our newest addition to the cow tribe, Hooch, is continuing to grow and get frisky….really cute.

Have you hear about our hot sauce? Our gourmet hot sauce is an old family recipe that was created by Bubba's aunt. Is smoky and a little spicy. Great on eggs and avocado toast!

It's getting quite the following you can pick up a bottle from us at the farmers markets or locally at either Lazy Magnolia Brewery in the Kiln or The French Potager on Main Street in Bay St Louis.


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