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Farm News

Updated: Mar 11

Team La Terre saying goodbye to our new farm friends…they planted sunflowers tons of vegetables and lots and lots of flowers …even painted our logo on our barn …we are so thankful for their hard work and bringing us much laughter!!

La Terre Farms volunteers

We wish them many thanks and safe travel as they are on to their next WWOOFING adventure.

We're Certified!

It's true! We're now listed under the Mississippi Agritourism program. Check out some of the other registered venues where you can go, pick, visit, and enjoy farms in our state.

From MS Agritourism: Mississippi’s rich and colorful agricultural heritage is filled with great innovation and success, and although it remains a leading resource in the state’s economy, agriculture constantly changes with time, technology, needs and opportunity. With roughly 42,000 farms in the state covering 11 million acres, agriculture makes a significant contribution to all 82 counties in the state.

And we're also certified Genuine MS!

Genuine MS logo

From their website, The Genuine MS program is, "The very best of everything Grown, Raised, Crafted and Made in Mississippi. Genuine MS® products are definitely worth searching for. When you see the Genuine MS® brand, you know the produce is grown especially fresh and flavorful. You know the seafood, beef or pork was raised right here at home. You know those crafted goods were created by local artisans and craftsmen. And, you can be sure that the products proudly made in Mississippi play a big part in helping our state economy to grow, prosper and flourish. This is why Genuine MS® is genuinely good for us all."


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